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MaZee offers a top-tier service for Blockchain projects looking to grow a sustainable and organic community of project believers and interested investors.


We help companies launch their own ICO



Established in December 2017, we are a team of ICO experts offering Community Management Solutions to Blockchain projects during their pre-ICO, ICO and post ICO stages. We specialize in managing ICO communities across Telegram, BitcoinTalk, Reddit, Twitter and more.

We work hand in hand with the core team of each project, to develop a strong Community Management campaign that allows ICOs to handle a growing community as an outcome of their intense marketing efforts. The most significant hurdle comes when a channel grows to over 5,000 members, where multiple moderators are required to be online 24/7, to respond efficiently to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), as well as more technical questions.

Due to the significant growth in ICOs, contributor Blockchain education has drastically improved, where a need for simple answers that prove the value of the project, is a must.  Which is why we onboard the most active moderators in the market, who have had experience in 15+ ICOs as Community Managers, to work alongside the core team to make sure all questions are answered to the best of their knowledge and the value remains consistent.



Marco Calicchia

CEO and Founder

Currently the CEO and Founder of a leading Community Management Agency in the ICO space, with a portfolio of over 25 ICOs in the last 8 months. He’s an experienced ICO and Blockchain advisor, with a deep understanding of building engaging communities that have led projects to secure over 15M in sales. With previous experience in Enterprise sales in companies that went onto IPO, his main focus has been to secure strategic partnership and grow sales of over 10M per year.

Alki Zaganiaris

Alki Zaganiaris

COO and Founder

Alki Zaganiaris (COO) has 10+ years in an Engineering background with a strong aptitude for Operations Management. Currently based in London, Alki handles MaZee’s foundation, team integration & the company’s standard operating procedures. Together with our core team he has developed MaZee’s educational platform for member training and growth (Project Gnosis) & is leading our Senior Members through our custom on-boarding stages of our projects. Outside of MaZee, you are likely to find Alki travelling & climbing!

Marcus Linden

Marcus Linden

CFO and Founder

Marcus Linden (CFO)  has 10+ years experience as an Investment Analyst within the hotel industry, working for major Hotel Brands and Consulting Firms. He is currently in Atlanta (US), and handles financials, growth and deliverables at MaZee. Marcus has his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Surrey (UK) in International Hospitality and Tourism Management.  When he is AFK, Marcus enjoys dancing and travelling.  He is fluent in English, Greek and Swedish languages (his Spanish isn’t too bad either).


Meet your fellow community members that stretch out to every continent around the globe in MaZee.